History of Amerock

Amerock was originally based in Rockford, Ilinois. Like many American manufacturing companies, what eventually became Amerock began modestly, resulting from the efforts of a few determined people and a pioneering idea. In 1928 two Swedish immigrants named Reuben and Gedor Aldeen left Rockford’s formidable National Lock Company to establish the Aldeen Manufacturing Company. Trained as mechanics before they came to America, Reuben Aldeen had served as National Lock’s superintendent of tool, machine, and maintenance, and Gedor was the firm’s vice-president of engineering.

Along with the Aldeens came a select group of other National Lock workers. Together these ten men comprised what some believe to be the first U.S. manufacturing company to concentrate solely on the production of cabinet hardware. Until that time, the hardware in most American kitchens was relatively basic and highly functional. They were convinced that Americans would buy more decorative matching hardware that enhanced the appearance of their kitchens and homes.

During the 1930’s the Aldeen’s company name changed to American Cabinet Hardware Corporation. During this time, Amerock introduced new, modern designs of drawer pulls, knobs, and “push button” catches in beautiful matched ensembles. Improved mechanical features made the hardware easier to install and operate.

In 1940, American Cabinet Hardware combined portions of the words “American” and “Rockford” to create a new brand name called “Amerock”. In the 1950’s the company entered a period of rapid growth and expansion. The company established American Cabinet Hardware Limited based in Meadford, Ontario, Canada. In the 1960’s, the company’s offerings fell into three categories – appliance, cabinet, and window. By this time the company had developed an excellent reputation within the industry and was presented with a quality award from American Builder Magazine. In 1965, Amerock merged with Stanley Tool Works and became a subsidiary. In 1973, Stanley sold the division to Anchor-Hocking Corporation.

Like many companies, Amerock was challenged during the recession of the 1980’s. To offset the cyclical housing market, Amerock began to diversify its product line. Part of this strategy included the acquisition of Safe Hardware in 1982 and a Missouri-based lock manufacturer in 1984. In 1987, Amerock was acquired by Newell Corporation (which eventually became Rubbermaid Newell Incorporated). The company continued to introduce new products, including a new line of concealed hinges in 1993.

Amerock is currently owned by the Piedmont Hardware group, headquartered in Mooresville, North Carolina. From its simple beginnings, the company has weathered numerous challenges and ownership changes. Nonetheless, its quality and innovative product offerings have positioned it to remain a hardware brand of choice for builders and consumers alike.