Amerock Turn-A-Shelf

(“Pie Cut” revolving Shelf for corner cabinets)

The most common problem with the Turn-A-Shelf is that the steel top pivot pin (in the top pivot) is much stronger than the hole at the end of the zinc/pot metal triangular arm coming off of the door bracket. The steel pin wins the battle and the hole wears through. (See picture below).

Stan developed a custom repair kit for this problem. Westwoods Cabinet Hardware is happy to be able to continue selling these repair kits. You do need to keep your old door bracket as you will be reusing most of it in your re-build.

The kit contains:

  • A custom manufactured steel plate that conforms to the shape of the arm coming off of the door bracket
  • Instructions and a paper template for the repair

Tools needed:  A vise to hold the bracket while you repair it. A hack saw to cut off the old hole (after gluing or pasting down the paper template from the instructions), an electric drill or hand drill for drilling 3 new holes using the three holes already drilled through the steel plate as a drilling guide, pliers or wrench, and a screwdriver. All nuts and bolts are provided in the kit.

NOTE: this is a very simple fix. Hundreds of these kits have been sold with very good results from happy customers.

Download the text of this page and Turn-A-Shelf parts diagram below.