Patio Door Locks

The Problem

National/Amerock patio door locksets were unique. The narrower style of Patio Door Units with vertical wood around the glass will not accommodate a normal backset of 2 3/8”. National Lock developed a 2” backset lock that would fit this application. Amerock later acquired National and continued producing the 2” backset.

In addition, the patio door passage was designed to be near the door (short projection from the door) allowing for a sliding screen door to be built into the frame of the patio door unit and the screen to slide by the lockset lever unit. If you are using a screen door, a full projection (standard) knob/lever set will interfere with the screen door.

The National/Amerock Patio door locks with a 2” backset are no longer manufactured. Replacement parts for this lock not readily available.

The Solution

Find another company that sells a good quality deadbolt, lever set and knob set.

2” Backset Locksets – Solid Brass Accents carries replacement deadbolts with 2” backsets. Normally these are of higher quality than the originals they replace. These locks are available in single cylinder (keyed one side), and double cylinder (keyed both sides). They come in a variety of styles and finishes. NOTE: these locksets are sold as complete sets. Parts can be purchased separately but can be expensive.

Replacement Options

These knob/lever sets are available in different finishes. Please visit Solid Brass Accents for a list of dealers.

For more common 2 3/8” and 2 3/4” backset versions please contact us for pricing and availability.